Artwork created in Western New York.......collected around the world.

Artist Statement

Whether working in oil paint or acrylic,  my work is a physical result of imagination, investigation, and hours of  contemplation.  The physical product is a  result of  many years of studying painting techniques such as Hudson River School Styles, Chiaroscuro Techniques and Surrealism Fundamentals. My art is a result of a combination of all the techniques I have worked with.  

Themes explored have been:  “Poetry of the Universe-Skyscapes”, “Menopause Series”, and “A to Z:An Historical Survey of Women Artists”  

New bodies of work  which are in concept form at the present time include: 

Beyond A to Z: The Bona fide Bogus Women in Art”,  a sequel to the “A to Z” series, this Trompe L’oeil Painting series honors fictitious women in art.  and “ Evidence of the Lost Land of Meer”, paintings that show evidence of a fictitious  matriarchal society that once existed.

There has been no rush to finish each series, (sometimes they overlap) the journey through them brings focus into my life , the end product  hopefully brings thought provoking  imagery to the viewer. 

Coni Minneci