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Plein Air Painting

Painting outdoors (Plein Air) provided early painters a way to learn all the elements of landscape. English painter, John Constable created many outdoor studies for his larger studio work.

 In America, Hudson River School painter Frederic Church did numerous field studies at his famous estate, Olana. Many small works hang throughout his home. These works were rarely shown or sold. They were not considered “finished works”.

Today, Plein Air works are considered valuable finished paintings. It has been my pleasure to experience outdoor painting with various local groups, as well as instruct classes in the area. The challenges are numerous. Painting on days when it is hot and humid, or cold and windy with sudden rain storms only add to the excitement of being with fellow artists expressing our vision of beauty in nature. My Plein Air work tends to be loosely painted. Light changes quickly outside, So I leave the slow methodical painting for my studio work.


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