Winter Without a Sweater

Ruth Graves

Where There is Darkness, Let There be LUMINAID

Lovelace - Enchantress of Numbers #2

Ada Lovelace

Do Not Pass Go - Liz J. Magie Phillips

ROCKET GIRL - Mary Sherman Morgan

1st U.S. Patent Granted to a Woman - Mary Kies

Described as Woman Edison

Buffalo Born #5

Grace Hopper



Teen from New Zealand

To Feel Safe #1

To Feel Safe #2

First To Be Effective

For Babies

To See Clear Again

Build a better life raft

A Better Cup of Coffee


Must Have

Baby in Need of Boaters

Sarah E. Goode - Sweet Dreams

Bette Nesmith Graham - The White Stuff


Honoring Hedy Lamarr

Honoring Stephanie Kwolek 3